This project has been supported by funding from the NSW Recreational Freshwater Fishing Trust and NSW DPI Fisheries.

Figure 1 Juvenile Murray cod in a net before release into the Baaka (Darling) River.

Stocking of 350 juvenile Murray cod (Maccullochella peelii) is taking place in the Baaka (Darling) River between Bourke and Louth and in the Edward-Wakool system in south-western NSW. DPI Fisheries and Kevin Knight (2rog) went out to the Baaka earlier today as part of this stocking project.

For more information please refer to the articles Call to Action – Murray Cod Stocking Project and Can ‘Advanced’ Murray Cod Stocking Fast Track River Recovery?

Figure 2 DPI Fisheries stocking the Murray cod in the Baaka (Darling). Photo credit Kevin Knight.

This project is a collective and collaborative effort, working in partnership with communities, private landholders, scientists and government agencies – these contributions are gratefully acknowledged.

We acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the land on which we live, work and play. We also pay our respects to Elders past, present and emerging.