Together we bring our experience and personal approach to help our clients

We share a passion for science and especially for using our science experience
and training to help people solve complex problems. But that is our first step.

We appreciate that working with people and understanding their particular
needs is critical. We strive to learn, just as we do to inform and teach.

Dr Paul Frazier


Paul has over 30 years’ experience in scientific research and consulting. He loves problem solving in the space between science and people. He works with stakeholders, community and clients to help forge better outcomes. The ideas might come thick and fast but Paul is committed to working through them to find the best options in a complex and dynamic environment.

Dr Julian Wall


Julian has over 30 years’ experience in scientific research and consulting. An innovative thinker he has specialist expertise in ecological condition assessment, monitoring, and impact and risk analysis. He uses analytical techniques to help solve landscape scale problems. With Julian you can expect detailed solutions. When the cogs are whirring give them some space – the wait will be worth it.

Dr Ailsa Kerswell


Ailsa solves complex environmental problems. This includes: translating complex scientific information into robust environmental policy; large impact assessments; and detailed academic research into how stressors operate in the marine environment. Ailsa loves building vibrant teams to achieve positive and balanced outcomes both for people and the environment. And she always enjoys having a cheeky joke along the way.

Dr Bronwyn Cameron

Principal Researcher

Bronwyn has over 20 years’ experience working in natural resource management, strategic planning and monitoring and evaluation program development. She draws upon her knowledge in agricultural science, people and communities to solve wicked problems. With relentless energy she persists until the job is done. Engaging with people, she seeks ideas from all perspectives.

Dr Mark Southwell

Principal Researcher

Mark is a River Scientist. He loves rivers and catchments and during his undergraduate years he realised he wanted to work with rivers for ever (or at least a long time). Luckily for Mark and 2rog the dream was realised. Mark has been a river scientist in government, university and consulting for over 18 years now. He has been involved in research, teaching and consulting. Mark really wants to help make our rivers and catchments healthy and productive.

Rob Mezzatesta

Principal Researcher

Rob has over 30 years’ experience working with spatial information and delivering strategic conservation planning outcomes. A specialist in environmental assessment and analysis; he uses the science of “where” to build spatial relationships to tell a story and guide a path through complex problems. Rob is always keen to listen and contribute considered solutions for people and the environment.

Dr Jeremy Simmonds

Principal Researcher

Jeremy is passionate about the achievement of net positive outcomes for nature. His interests are at the intersection of ecology, biodiversity conservation and environmental policy. With 14 years’ in the private sector and academia, Jeremy knows the big picture – global to local environmental frameworks – and helps solve problems on the ground with this context in mind. He is particularly interested in the achievement of best-practice outcomes from approaches like offsetting, and always strives to embed the latest science in the pursuit of great outcomes.

Dr Hanieh Saremi

Senior Spatial Scientist

Hanieh is passionate about spatial sciences and how they can enhance decisions and deliver scalable, practical and cost-effective solutions. Her scientific training in agriculture, soils and GIS brings a depth and breadth of knowledge from which problems can be understood and solved. She likes to roll with the punches, testing new ideas when old ones pull up short.

Dr Niva Verma

Senior Spatial Scientist

Niva is a passionate researcher! She likes nothing better than to get into some nice data from a satellite to help it tell its story. With over 15 years as a researcher she has undertaken projects in Africa, Australia and India, looking at problems in natural resources and agriculture. Terms like UAV, Lidar, NDVI, hyperspectral and SAVI are part of Niva’s language these days and she loves it.

Clair Grant

Senior Consultant

Clair helps clients navigate the complex world of environmental assessments and approvals. With astonishing attention to detail, she uses analytical thinking and detailed understanding of legislation to craft robust solutions, achieving outcomes for the client and environment. Clair loves engaging clients and regulators. She is a collaborator not a spectator.

Lucy Healing

Senior Consultant

Lucy loves plants. Or more to the point Lucy loves native plants. Or even more precisely Lucy loves helping to improve our native environment: surveying, mapping and modelling where our native plants are and should be. She patiently wades through legislative, environmental and development constraints to maximise outcomes for native habitat. On the weekends Lucy likes exploring local parks and trails with family and dog in tow, finishing the day with a nice wine.

Dr Lindsey Frost

Senior Researcher

Lindsey loves all things freshwater. You want to see her get excited just mention fresh water food webs! Lindsey’s background in scientific research, corporate administration and human resources allows her to tap into diverse ways of thinking to find new answers. She enjoys working with people and teams to find innovative solutions to tricky problems; and bush walking and climbing, she enjoys those too.

Josh Oxley

Environmental Consultant

Josh brings 15 years’ experience in business and management to 2rog. He loves seeing the patterns in a problem and uses that insight to create order and deliver results. With a passion for spatial science, together with a Bachelor’s degree in Natural Resource Management and a strong background in business data analysis and decision making he delivers thoughtful client focused products. A calm and thoughtful approach is Josh’s signature.

Shjarn Winkle

Environmental Researcher

Shjarn is an Environmental Scientist, passionate about the conservation of Australian ecosystems. She is keen to get in the field and study the environment in Australia and abroad. In the 2rog office, Shjarn is busy with engagement, reporting, compiling and sharing our stories. The weekend often sees Shjarn at local markets or our various National Parks.

Jared Reid

Environmental Researcher

Jared brings a degree in Botany and Biochemistry to the 2rog team. With his extensive experience as a field officer and native landscaper, he has amassed critical knowledge in biosecurity, collecting and analysing data for agricultural, pollination and carbon farming projects. Jared is passionate about the conservation of, and conversations surrounding Australia’s endemic vegetation and ecosystems. He thrives on ensuring the projects reach their full potential.

Gillian Backhouse

Environmental Researcher

Gillian is fresh into the world of environmental consulting after a previous life as a professional athlete. She is finalising a Master of Environmental Science and Management while beginning with the 2rog team. Gillian is particularly interested in wetlands and restoration ecology. She enjoys riding her bike to work every day, getting out into nature, and taking photos.

Steve Price

Environmental Researcher

Steve adds sparkle and zazzle to the 2rog team, although it is all quite low key. He has a passion for spatial science and a bachelor’s degree in Geography. Experience in private and public industries means he thrives on navigating the complex world of environmental assessments and approvals (yep, he means it). He enjoys taking complex datasets and wrangling them to produce something useful and understandable.

Tamara Kermode

Environmental Researcher

Tamara is fresh off the graduate vine with a degree in environmental science from UNE. She is from the land and has a passion for all things environmental. At the desk or in the field Tamara will give it her best go. She is thrilled to be part of the 2rog team and with a ‘glass half full’ attitude she’ll change the world, just watch.

Jeremy Shrubb

Environmental Researcher

Jeremy’s passion for learning and the outdoors has led him to pivot from law to the environment. Jeremy has a degree in law, history and politics and as a glutton for study he is midway through a Master of Environmental Science degree. He is keen to blend this diverse background to help find unique insights and solutions to environmental problems. On the weekend, Jeremy loves to hit the surf, play a round of golf or explore the bush – anything to get outside.

Will Holden

Environmental Researcher

Will is a new researcher at 2rog and comes to us with degrees in science, environmental management, and communications. He is a keen science communicator, enjoying distilling complex ecological information into digestible and useful knowledge. He is also a firm believer in the KISS (keep it simple stupid) mantra! Will relishes stakeholder engagement and workshopping solutions with the team. A coastal boy at heart, Will can be found on or in the water, whenever he gets out of the office.

Kerrie Saunders

Kamilaroi / Gomeroi Cultural Advisor

Kerrie is passionate about foods, native grains and the sustainability of Country. Kerrie is co-founder and owner of Yinarr-ma, facilitating Bush Tucker Tours along the Mehi River. Additionally, she works with organisations in the restoration, regeneration and planting of native vegetation along riverbanks. Kerrie wants to make young people aware of how important native grains are to culture and identity, and to reconnect them with Country.

Elder Kevin Knight

Kurnu-Baakandji Cultural Advisor

Kevin is a proud Kurnu-Baakandji man who grew up camping, swimming and playing on the banks of the Baaka (Darling River). Kevin describes the Baaka as the lifeblood that has resourced his people for thousands of years. Kevin is well acquainted with the Warriku-Baaka (Warrego-Darling) Selected Area at Toorale National Park, identifying cultural assets across the site, which tell the stories of the Kurnu-Baakandji People.